The Quorum is a music performance collective.  It celebrates forms of collective behaviour existing between networks of intelligent life. Through exploration of the cooperative dynamics of such groups through music, movement, sound and performance, The Quorum creates a powerful allegory for human interaction.

Drawing inspiration from nature, science and music, The Quorum aims for an interdisciplinary form of performance.  It creates immersive site specific pieces which take the audience out of the theatre context, inviting them to be part of the performance. 

The Quorum has collaborated with Artist/writer/director Roswitha Gerlitz on 'Be the Bee' and 'The Swarm' and Auclair on 'The Swarm'. 


Bees have an unconscious wisdom which unfolds in their external activity. What we only experience when love arises in our hearts is to be found, as it were, in the whole bee-hive as substance. The whole hive is in reality permeated with love. The individual bees renounce love in manifold ways, and thus develop love throughout the whole hive.

One only begins to understand the life of the bees when one knows that the bee lives in antmosphere completely pervaded by love. On the other hand the bee is quite especially favoured by the fact that, in its turn, it feeds upon just those parts of the plants which are also wholly pervaded by love. The bees suck out their food which they then turn into honey, exclusively from those parts of the plants that are centred in love; they bring, so to speak, the love-life of the flowers into the hive.”

Rudolf Steiner